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MICK 'Harry Potter' SLATTERY
lead guitar/acoustic guitar/vox

mick slattery

Founder member of 'Hawkwind' (1969-1970).

Played in 'Famous Cure', 'The Compromise', 'Laughing Sam's Dice' (with Terry Ollis), and 'Fat Finger'.

Mick started out playing the trumpet when he was about 14, although he soon took up playing the 5 string banjo. After seeing Dave Brock and Eric Clapton jamming together at Eel Pie Island, he switched to guitar. Soon he was going busking with Dave and then playing at folk and blues clubs. He joined a band called 'The Compromise' and they released two singles on CBS. They also had a residency at the Marquee Club, in London. This was in 1965. After that fell apart, Mick joined Dave Brock's, 'Famous Cure' and they spent the summer of '67 in Holland, where they met Nik Turner. Over the next couple of years they had several name and personnel changes before adding John Harrison and Terry Ollis and later, Nik and Dikmik, becoming Hawkwind Zoo.

After Mick left (another story) he had a band called 'Laughing Sam's Dice', with Terry and some other madmen. He went to live in Ireland (to get away from all the madness) and did a lot of busking and playing around the pubs. Back in London he went to college to study guitar making and repairs and had a couple of college bands for a while. Then Mick got 'Fat Finger' together, a band he still gigs with, with Terry Ollis on drums. He joined up with Space Ritual 5 or 6 years ago.

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