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SAM 'Slippery Scratch' OLLIS

sam ollis

Played with 'Too Sam Funky', 'Headtone' and was the resident DJ in 'Montpelier Club', Brighton. Sam has been DJ'ing and collecting records for over 15 years and drumming since the age of 7.

"The DJ'ing started in the early rave years (back in the day) playing techno, house and drum and bass at parties and clubs around London and later having residencies at London and Brighton (where I was living at the time). Nowadays, the tastes are more eclectic and you may hear anything from jazz, funk and breakbeat in a set. Throw sampling in at Space Ritual gigs and you could hear anything from Stanley Unwin in a scratch attack, to Star Wars loops! Drumming wise, jazz and funk are a big influence nowadays. Having played around London in various blues/rock/indie and funk bands, I have found my perfect Space Ritual set up; the timbales next to the decks and sampler, surrounded by percussion. It's a crazy wall of sounds!"

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