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Extract from Flight Log-Book and Crew Manifest

space ritual onstage

SPACE☆RITUAL was formed 2001AD, coalescing through time and space by populace demand, and psychic desire and need, to revive the lost magic, the true original spirit of 'HAWKWIND', of which the band were all part, and 'keepers of the flame'.

The band play modern space/ rock/ jazzy/ dancy/ science/ fictional/ fantasy/ spiritual music, to heal and raise spirits, consciousness and awareness, promoting communication and good times, getting high without drugs, using multimedia sound/light/visual imagery to create extremely wild, whacky, mind boggling/blowing experience, each performance truly a happening.

The band have played many prestigious festivals in Britain, inc Glastonbury, Canterbury, Guilford, Ystalavera (Wales), and at many prestigious venues, inc Brixton Academy, London Astoria, and others all over Britain to exstatic crowds.

☆ nik turner

☆ thomas crimble

☆ terry ollis

☆ sam ollis

☆ chris purdon

☆ steve jones

☆ gary smart

☆ meurig griffiths

☆ ms angel


☆ mick slattery


Crew pix by Birdman Dave Easthope and Melissa Joseph