Home Gym Checklist – What You Need To Add

Do you always have a hard time paying for a gym subscription? Is the nearest gym so far such that it’s a little inconvenient to attend? Well, you can always start your own home gym. Following this home gym guide, you’ll find some of the most importants to have for your own setup.

Home Gym Checklist – What You Need To Buy


Do you want to pull off an all-round workout? Well, you need to buy at least one kettlebell in your home gym. You can use it for swings, goblet squats and many more types of exercises. You can actually do a lot of exercises with a kettlebell in a limited space.

Yoga Mat

At some point, you are going to do a lot of stretches and yoga exercises in your home gym. Well, you shouldn’t be doing these exercises on the floor especially if it’s too cold. On the other hand, a regular rug or carpet might leave you with carpet burns. A yoga mat is a good addition to your home gym. You can now enjoy a lot of basic stretching exercises or yoga without any worries.

Power Cage

If there is enough room in your home gym, you should definitely purchase a power cage. Here, you can do 3 pillars of strength and conditioning workouts such as barbell squat, bench press and deadlifts. It’s the best way to build those abs right from your own home.

Battle Ropes

Do you love doing cardio exercises? Well, you shouldn’t go easy on yourself just because you are working out from your own home. Battle ropes are the perfect addition to your home gym because you can go harder during those cardio exercises. Here, you can perform waves, slams and many more exercises. Make sure you have plenty of space and a strong anchor for the best results.

Punching Bag

If you are not a fan of outdoor cardio exercises, you need to consider a having a punching bag in your home gym. It’s the best way to burn out the fat with ultimate speed and power. Make sure you buy the gloves and wraps together so you can enjoy those boxing exercises in the confines of your home.

Rowing Machine

Before any workout, you need to warm up your body accordingly. Well, a rowing machine is the perfect way to do so before you head back into the other exercises. You should know that it’s not only for rowing but you can build your resistance and actually bulk your arms, shoulders and back effortlessly. Row away to a great body with this amazing rowing machine right in your home gym!

Push-up Stands

Push-ups are still some of the best upper body exercises that you should try without any equipment. However, you can actually use push-up stands to make these exercises more effective. You can protect your wrists and engage your arms, chest, core and shoulders effectively. No one will laugh at you doing push-ups the wrong way from your own gym and you can also perfect them too.


Having a treadmill in your home gym is a great choice. Here, you can access different types of workouts to the whole body while jogging or running. It’s the best way to lose weight and remain fit in your own home without any worries.

Stationary Bike

Do you love cycling but never have the time to do it outdoors? Well, a stationary bike is the best way to pull off this great exercise without any hassles? Make sure you include it in your home gym for the best exercises in your home.

These are some of the best exercise equipment you should have in your home gym!

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